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Commissioning is one of the most important stage of the project. There can be no compromise on the level of safety and quality.
We here at BOSUNG posses the right equipment, skills, and experience to meet our Client's needs.
Our service extends from procurement of required commissioning equipment, engineering-to-fit on site, installation, operation, maintenance, and various testing for safe commissioning.
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    Diesel Generator
    Model QAC1250
    Net Output 1200 kVA
    Net Weight 19.5 ton
    Dimension 6060(l)x2440(w)x2590(h)
    Q’ty 10
  • 7
    Diesel Oil Tank
    Capacity 21㎥
    Tare Weight 7 ton
    Max. Payload Weight 21 ton
    Max. Gross Weight 28 ton
    Dimension 6058(l)x2438(w)x2591(h)
    Q’ty 2
  • 6
    Transformer Container
    Net output 5000 kVA, 440V
    Net Weight 19 ton
    Dimension 6058(l)x2438(w)x2591(h)
    Q’ty 2
  • 5
    Fuel Storage Tank
    Capacity 27 m³
    Tare Weight 6.5 ton
    Max. Payload Weight 24 ton
    Max. Gross Weight 30.5 ton
    Dimension 3210(l) x 3210(w) x 3000(h)
    Q’ty 3
  • 4
    Load Bank
    Power 6000 kVA
    Net Weight 25 ton
    Dimension 6058(l) x 2438(w) x 2591(h)
    Q’ty 2
  • 3
    Net Output 500 kVA, 440V
    Net Weight 1.4 ton
    Dimension 2000(l) x 1880(w) x 1500(h)
    Q’ty 4
  • 2
    Diesel Transfer Pump (With filtering system)
    Capacity 12m³ /hr
    Net Weight 650 kg
    Dimension 1100(l) x 900(w) x 1500(h)
    Q’ty 1
  • 1
    Diesel Transfer Pump Skid
    Capacity 25 m³ / hr
    Net Weight 1.3 ton
    Dimension 2400(l) x 1325(w) x 1100(h)
    Q’ty 2
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